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Ana de Armas Looks a Lot Like Marilyn Monroe in Newly Surfaced Photos, But Who Is de Armas?

Old Hollywood glamour is back, if Netflix has anything to say about it. Netflix’s new biopic on Marilyn Monroe, Blonde, is moving along, and we’re catching the first glimpses of the actress playing the blonde bombshell: Ana de Armas. Captured on the set of the movie, directed by Andrew Dominik and based off the fictional novel by Joyce Carol Oates, the photos show the Cuban actress with Monroe’s platinum blonde hairstyle and wearing a tight black dress and pearls. Other set photos show Armas looking at the camera in a robe, probably before her wardrobe was applied. But, who is de Armas?

This Marilyn Monroe biopic could be the film that finally pushes the actress past the pretty girls she’s played in features like Blade Runner 2049 and Hands of Stone. She’ll also have a lead role in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out later this year.

Dominik’s feature has long been in development since 2010, initially with Jessica Chastain, who was cast after her role in The Help. After Chastain left, actress Naomi Watts was cast and even took publicity photos dressed up as Monroe before she departed the project. The lack of movement on the project led many to assume it was canceled before Netflix picked it up and announced de Armas as the lead. She’ll appear opposite Bobby Canavale as Joe DiMaggio and Adrien Brody as Arthur Miller.

The actress posted a photo of Monroe on her Instagram saying, “Thinking of you today, Norma Jeane. You’ve never been more present and closer to my heart. Thank you.”

On first blush, there are questions. Monroe was very blonde, and the photos of de Armas show her eyebrows are still dark. Maybe that will come with editing? The actress also has a strong Cuban accent that should be interesting to hear considering Marilyn’s breathy cadence.

There’s currently no release date for Blonde, but it’s safe to say we’ll hear more sometime next year.

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