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Brad Pitt Debuts a New Tattoo & We Have Questions

No one tattoos themselves indiscriminately; every bit of ink has a meaning. So when Brad Pitt debuted a new tattoo on his incredibly toned arm at the Venice Film Festival, where he was promoting his new space drama, Ad Astra, we had to know: What does it mean?

The tattoo isn’t much — just a lone man in silhouette standing over his shadow. It sits next to a poem from Rumi that Pitt and ex-wife Angelina Jolie got during their 2014 wedding, which says, “There exists a field, beyond all notions of right and wrong. I will meet you there.”

But what does this lone man mean, and is there something to be said about its placement next to his wedding tattoo? Several sources, including HollywoodLife, have posited the man is part of a larger tattoo Pitt might use to cover up the quote. That makes sense, considering that Pitt and Jolie have had an incredibly contentious divorce, with Pitt alleging his ex was dragging it out. The divorce has also estranged Pitt from his children with Jolie: Son Maddox and daughter Shiloh have both celebrated birthdays without their dad around.

But we have another theory: Might the tattoo symbolize Pitt’s own feelings as an outsider in his family? During Father’s Day this summer, it was reported that Pitt’s kids wouldn’t be calling him; and though he planned to spend time with them while Jolie films her new movie, there’s been no discussion about it.

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Or, if we’re going crazy, maybe the tattoo symbolizes his rumored love Jennifer Aniston, whom Pitt has allegedly been spending time with? An interloper standing next to the symbol of his marriage? We have no idea, but hopefully Pitt will say something and let us know what it all means before we go mad.

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