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The Moment Bryan Abasolo Almost Lost It During His & Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s Wedding

There’s never a dry eye at any wedding, and this one is no exception. Bryan Abasolo revealed the moment he almost cried during his and former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s wedding. The couple married on Aug. 24 surrounded by family and friends, proving that, sometimes, the Bachelor formula does, in fact, work.

The couple’s nuptials took place a few days ago at the Royalton Suites Cancun — the perfect location, considering Abasolo’s family lives in Colombia, and the couple’s friends and family traveled from Texas and Florida. And Lindsay had one sentiment she kept reminding herself on the big day: “I was just thinking, ‘Remember your vows, and don’t lose it,’” she shared exclusively with People. “But it went by so fast. The ceremony was almost a blur!” The 34-year-old didn’t shed a tear, but the same couldn’t be said for now-husband during the ceremony.

“She almost had me,” Abasolo said of Lindsay as she recited her wedding vows. “When she was reciting, I lost my breath for a second, but I kept it together!” Lindsay chimed in, “I did a portion of the vows where I thanked him. I thanked him for allowing me to be myself and respecting me for who I am. That’s something I struggled with in past relationships but I’ve never had that issue with Bryan. He’s so comfortable in who he is and who I am, and in what we have together.”

The couple met during Lindsay’s stint as the Bachelorette on the ABC reality series in 2017. “We clicked the first time we met,” Lindsay shared. Abasolo was the recipient of the coveted first impression rose on the first night. “I was impressed,” she confessed.

Mikie Russo was hired as the couple’s wedding planner, describing the affair as “island chic.” Grupo Gama provided green and white flower arrangements seen strewn throughout the ceremony. Guests enjoyed an alfresco dinner of surf and turf or grilled salmon and chowed down on a four-tiered wedding cake of vanilla, Oreo and chocolate dulce de leche. Guests included Bachelor alums Astrid Loch, Kristina Schulman and Kevin Wendt.

Now, the couple is ready for their journey as husband and wife. “The show was one [part of our lives],” Abasolo shared. “This is the next chapter.”

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