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Jada Pinkett Smith Just Won the #DMXChallenge — & Proves She Never Ages

Looks like everyone is getting in on the viral #DMXChallenge craze, including Jada Pinkett Smith, who shared her version of the #DMXChallenge and absolutely crushed it. The actress took to Twitter to share the video, a compilation of her roles in film and TV over the years, and one major quality we noticed? Pinkett Smith does not age — at all.

But what is the #DMXChallenge? It’s the latest social media conversation-starter where women are showing off their looks over the years set to DMX’s “What These Bitches Want.” A slew of Twitter users have been getting in on the action, including a number of celebrities. Actress Keke Palmer, who can be seen in her next role (look) with Hustlers this September, did her own video compilation of footage throughout her career. But we have to hand it to Pinkett Smith, who is simply flawless in the video.

Highlighting her roles throughout her career, Pinkett Smith included footage from films and series the likes of A Low Down Dirty Shame, The Nutty Professor and even the animated film Madagascar, for which the actress provided the voice of the hippopotamus, Gloria. The actress also shared images from red carpets and press events in the video, and honestly, the woman is practically ageless.

Pinkett Smith’s career began in the early 1990s and is still going strong today. She currently stars alongside Gerard Butler in the film Angel Has Fallen, the latest in the Fallen quasi-franchise. But it’s not just her acting prowess that she has shared with fans the public before. Pinkett Smith and her husband, actor Will Smith, have been extremely open and honest about their marriage. The couple, who started dating in 1995 and married in 1997, have two children, 21-year-old Jaden Smith and 18-year-old Willow Smith, and have even appeared alongside each other in films, including 2001’s Ali, for which Will Smith was nominated an Academy Award.

The years have been kind to Pinkett Smith, and this #DMXChallenge video is proof.

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