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Bradley Cooper’s New Mustache Reminds Fans of Jeff Foxworthy & They’re Not Wrong

Actors often change their appearance when they’re prepping for roles and, if it’s different enough from their typical look, it garners attention. Prime example? Bradley Cooper’s new mustache is drawing Jeff Foxworthy comparisons. And while you might scoff at that idea at first, you may join the ranks of fans seeing double once you take a look at the side-by-side. Or ‘stache-by-‘stache, as it were.

It’s worth pointing out that Cooper had been living comfortably for quite some time in his A Star Is Born look. Thanks to a five o’ clock shadow and thick, flowing locks that often fell down around his eyes, Cooper had all but become Jackson Maine in the eyes of fans over the last few years. So, understandably, no one was expecting the actor-slash-director to go from Jackson Maine to Jeff Foxworthy overnight.

Yet, that’s the first thought that came to some fans’ minds when photos surfaced of Cooper sporting a ‘stache while hanging with his daughter at Disneyland. “I do always check out a Bradley Cooper movie but since when was he doing the Jeff Foxworthy Lifestory?” one commenter joked. “Does anyone else think that Bradley Cooper currently looks like 1990’s Jeff Foxworthy?” tweeted another.

And, c’mon, they’re not wrong. Now that Cooper’s hair is shorter on the sides and in the back and his upper lip bears that distinctive swathe, the resemblance is there. Hilariously, Foxworthy himself weighed in on the comparison, commenting, “My wife is so happy right now!”

While it’s unclear exactly why Cooper decided to grow out his upper-lip hair, if we had to guess we’d say he could be preparing to film Atlantic Wall. The war drama follows an American soldier trapped behind enemy lines on the eve of D-Day. Regardless, we have a feeling Cooper’s friends and family members are having a field day saying, “You might be a redneck if….”

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