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Chris Martin Snaps Pics of Dakota Johnson in NYC & Unlocks #InstagramBoyfriend Status

When you live in an age of social media like we do, capturing the perfect selfie for your partner is considered quite the romantic gesture — and Chris Martin just proved he’s the perfect Instagram boyfriend to Dakota Johnson. The couple, who is reportedly back together following a brief breakup, was spotted on the streets of New York City together last night, where Martin showed off his photography skills (and chivalry).

According to E! News, the Coldplay frontman and his on-again Fifty Shades of Grey girlfriend were seen strolling around the city when a fan apparently approached. Not only was the pair game to have their photo taken, but Martin even graciously seemed to step in as impromptu photographer. The moment was captured by paparazzi — you can see it here — and, we’ve gotta admit, Martin looks like he’s done this before. Johnson stands a few feet in front of her rocker beau, with her arm around a young woman in a pink dress. Because it’s NYC, several passersby pay literally zero attention to the celebrities.

Judging by their outfits and photos that have since surfaced, Martin and Johnson were probably on their way to dinner. The pair went on to enjoy a meal with a friend at Double Zero in the East Village. Afterward, they returned to stroll the NYC streets, holding hands.

So, it’s official, right? Martin and Johnson appear to once again be in a relationship. Over the summer, fans were convinced the two — who’d been linked since 2017 — were finished for good. Subsequent rumors that Martin had been spotted kissing singer Dua Lipa didn’t do anything to dispel the idea, naturally.

But by early August, numerous sightings of Martin and Johnson together pointed toward a reconciliation. Now, with this most recent dinner making the media rounds, they seem to be back on track. Martin did prove he’s got what it takes an Instagram boyfriend, so that’s gotta count for something, right?

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