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Kelly Clarkson Just Got Candid About Her Recent Health Scare

Health problems are scary no matter who you are or what you do. And when you’re a super-busy celebrity mama, opening up to the public about your health can be scary, too — which is why we’re applauding the brave candor of one singer-slash-TV-judge-talk-show-host. Kelly Clarkson opened up about a recent health scare she had during a taping of The Voice, and the “Love So Soft” singer got very candid about the frightening moments she went through and what happened following the taping of the episode.

Clarkson, who starts her new gig as day-time talk show host on The Kelly Clarkson Show, got very real about powering through pain. The singer had previously dealt with a health scare at the Billboard Music Awards, according to People. “I was just thinking about trying to relax,” she says. But in reality, she admitted, “I was in so much pain!” Clarkson went to surgery right after the awards show, only to have another bout of health issues during filming of The Voice a week later.

“Blake [Shelton] was talking to me and all of the sudden, everything he said just went away and I had to grab his arm and I was like, ‘Something is wrong.’” And something was wrong; a cyst on Clarkson’s ovary had burst during filming. “That was more painful than the appendicitis,” she says. “It was literally a week after my surgery so I was freaking out!” We don’t blame her. But, of course, as the consummate professional she soldiered through.

“I was hysterically laughing and crying at one point in the E.R. like ‘What is happening?’” she says. Fortunately, she adds, “I’m great now. I’m totally great now.”

We’re so glad to see Clarkson healthy again, and primed for her upcoming talk show. Let’s hope that she won’t have to endure yet another health scare on her own turf.

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