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Katherine Heigl’s ‘Embarrassing Cheer’ for Her Daughters’ First Day of School Is the Cutest

Move over, dad jokes — there’s a new eye-roll-inducing shtick sure to mortify kids everywhere. Exhibit A? Katherine Heigl’s “embarrassing cheer” for her daughters as the two girls return to school for a new academic year. And while, yes, the little students look comically ready to escape the confines of their parental carpool situation, we’ve gotta admit we’re kind of loving Heigl’s BTS spirit.

Heigl took to Instagram on Monday to reveal her cheer-skills, sharing a video of the moment as it unfolded in the family car. Buckled in, the Suits star’s daughters Naleigh Mi-Eun, 10, and Adalaide Marie Hope, 7, are an unwitting audience as Heigl begins her lyrical chant. “My name is Nay Nay, I’m 10 years old. Today’s my first day, of middle school,” she sings with the camera trained on Naleigh, who smiles sweetly and waves. Heigl then turns the camera toward Adalaide in the third row. “My name is Addie, I’m 7 years old. When God made me, he broke the mold!”

The actress even got an assist from her husband for a bit of ad-lib songwriting. “Today’s the day, of second grade. I’m gonna be…” Heigl begins before trailing off, at which point dad Josh Kelley fills in the blank, “Super brave!” At that moment, Addie’s facial expression is worth more than all of the freshly sharpened Ticonderoga pencils in the world.

“First day of school with my gorgeous girls! Yeah… I came up with an embarrassing cheer this morning laying in bed and couldn’t wait to sing it for them,” Heigl captioned the post. “The good news is… I did not do this in front of their classmates.” In addition to the video, Heigl shared a few photos of the girls all dressed up and ready for their first day back.

It seems as though Heigl definitely seized any opportunity over the last few weeks to spend time with the girls before the business of the school year kicked off. In early August, she shared a few photos taken from the set of Suits on a recent day Naleigh and Adalaide tagged along. Although Heigl was worried they’d get bored, she revealed they loved the experience. “They ran around the stages laughing and giggling and hushing up right quick when ‘rolling!’ was shouted out. They pillaged the craft service table leaving nothing but a couple of stale potato chips and a hot dog bun in their wake,” she described the girls’ activities for the afternoon.

So, the girls probably cut Heigl some slack for the cheerleading embarrassment. From the sound (literally) of it, she’s a pretty enthusiastic mom — and that, despite the predictable eye rolls, is pretty cool.

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