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Reese Witherspoon’s Latest Instagram Post Has Fans Seeing ‘Big Little’ Things in the Future

Put on your sleuthing caps, fandom! We’ve got a mystery to solve, and it has everything to do with a possible next installment of everyone’s favorite Monterey melodrama. So, here it is: Did Reese Witherspoon hint at Big Little Lies Season 3 on Instagram yesterday? There’s quite a stir on the actress-slash-producer’s IG feed at the moment, and we can see why. Let’s unpack.

The speculation started when Witherspoon posted a snapshot of herself sitting in the cheerful office of her own media brand, Hello Sunshine — aka, the brand responsible for helping bring Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies to the small screen. “Bringing a little sunshine to my day! Stopped by the office for some exciting meetings, can’t wait to share more with y’all soon! #bigthingscoming,” Witherspoon captioned the photo. Granted, Witherspoon didn’t come right out and allude to BLL. Still, the hashtag was enough to pique fans’ hopes.

“‘Big’? Little more big little lies?? Please please!!” one commenter wrote, with another chiming in, “Yes, we need more of the show.” In fact, several fans pointed out the possible connection to the series, with one practically spelling it out: “Big as in BIG little lies S3!?!!!!” Another left a fingers-crossed emoji, hoping out loud, “Maybe another season.”

So, here we are, waiting for Witherspoon to fill the rest of us in on what her big (little) plans for the future might be. Of course, it’s possible she was simply using a common phrase — i.e. “big things” on the way — to reference something entirely outside of the BLL realm.

As a few fans alluded to, it’s possible the announcement has more to do with another Hello Sunshine project. “Are you bringing [the] season four podcast of Hello Sunshine soon?” asked one commenter. Another has their sights set on a new book-to-TV adaptation, writing, “Please let it be Where the Crawdads Sing!!!”

The latter, a book that shot to the top of practically every bestseller list after being picked for Witherspoon’s Book Club, has already been optioned by Fox 2000 for an adaptation. And, not surprisingly, they tapped Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine to produce. So, yes, Witherspoon’s news could certainly be a new development on that front.

Still, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t just as hopeful as everyone else that maybe Witherspoon was dropping big little hints about another installment for the Monterey Five.

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