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7 Times Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Got a Little Too Real About Their Sex Life

Don’t get us wrong, we love a candid couple — but when it comes to the intimate details of celebrities’ sex lives, sometimes we’d rather have things left to the imagination. For the past few years, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s sex life confessions have appeared not infrequently in pop culture news, with each announcement a bit more personal than the last. So naturally, we’ve rounded up a list of 7 times this couple shocked us with the details of what goes on between the sheets.

To be fair, the couple first starting sharing this level of detail with the public on the heels of Spelling finding out McDermott had cheated on her in 2013, and the couple doubling down on their commitment to each other and figuring out the root of their issues. The reality show that ensued, True Tori, included those first sex life details as Spelling and McDermott worked through the pain of McDermott’s betrayal. And hey, it seems to have worked — in recent years, Spelling and McDermott have been happier than ever, and really seem to have each other’s backs.

The duo wed in 2006, so it’s understandable that their 13-year marriage hit the occasional rough patch. If the price to pay for their happiness is occasionally hearing a little more intimate detail than we’d like, that’s all right with us. Here are 7 times the Spelling-McDermotts engaged in a little TMI.

 Dean Describes Himself as “Insatiable”

On a 2014 episode of True Tori, McDermott goes to couples’ therapy and talks through his and Spelling’s sex life, focusing on the weeks and months leading up to the cheating incident. Addressing Spelling directly, McDermott says this: “We have four kids. In the sex department there are ebbs and flows. … Do I always want more with you? Absolutely. Every day all day. I’m insatiable. Do I want more? Yeah. She has complications from the last pregnancy. Our sex life wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t stellar.”

That same episode, Spelling points out that she and McDermott had sex the weekend before he cheated on her.

Tori Says Dean’s Desires Got More “Adventurous”

In another True Tori episode, McDermott actually walks out of a couples’ therapy appointment, finding it all too much. Spelling stays and talks to the therapist about how his cheating made her feel: “He was wanting more sex from me. He wanted more adventurous stuff. I was doing everything he wanted […] That’s why, when this happened, it was such a slap in my face.”

In an earlier session, with McDermott still present, Spelling echoed similar sentiments: “Our sex life was never enough […] It was never enough for you! I wore that guilt all the time thinking he’s going to cheat on me. I can never give you enough sex.”

Tori & Dean Talk Vajazzling

Fast-forward a few years to 2019: Spelling and McDermott are solid again, so the details of their sex life are less emotional, but no less lurid. On a June episode of McDermott’s podcast “Daddy Issues,” the couple talks vajazzling (which yes, is the art of bedazzling one’s vagina): “If I knew you were going to watch [our sex tape], I would vajazzle,” Spelling tells a co-host. “I did it once for [Dean].” McDermott chimes in: “You can have, like, designs, little shiny jewels and stuff put on […] It was the sexiest thing ever. It was so fantastic.”

The couple’s one issue with the practice? It can become a “choking hazard.” McDermott went on to explain, but we’ll leave it at that.

Tori Talks Being an “Aggressive Bottom”

On that same podcast episode (a true treasure trove of Spelling and McDermott’s sexual secrets), Spelling reveals this: “I’m not a top, I am an aggressive bottom and I am very competitive.” Okay! Hey, at least she…knows what she likes? And now we do too.

Tori & Dean Talk Watching Porn Together

Still the same podcast episode: Spelling and McDermott apparently enjoy watching porn together as a way to spice up their sex life. McDermott introduces the fact that they watch together, and then Spelling describes how it goes down when McDermott pitches switching it on: “For a second I am like, oh bummer I have a Real Housewives episode to catch up on. But then I’m like, okay […] We can do my love of reality tv and porn and blend the two so we are on the same page always.” We’re not quite sure what that means (are they watching Real Housewives-themed porn?!), but we’re glad it works for them.

Dean Endorses CBD Lube

It looks like McDermott spilling about his sex life is a fairly regular feature of his podcast — on an August 2019 episode of “Daddy Issues,” McDermott talks yet again about what goes on in his and Spelling’s bedroom. First, he shares that he and Spelling have sex every day. Then, when co-host Adam Hunter mentions CBD lube, McDermott jumps in: “Isn’t it awesome?” For the benefit of guest Denise Richards, Hunter breaks down its benefits.

McDermott then clarifies that his and Spelling’s lube does not contain THC.

Dean & Tori Talk BH90210 Role Play

Finally: just this week, McDermott recorded a podcast episode in which he recalls he and wife Spelling engaging in some Beverly Hills, 90210 roleplay. See, McDermott had eyes for Spelling back when the original 90210 was on the air, so her portrayal of Donna Martin always meant something special to him: “You know the story,” he shares with co-hosts. “I had a crush on Tori on the show, and so to see the flashbacks, I put it in the spank bank.” This enjoyment took on a new life in the bedroom: “She’s dressed up as Donna Martin,” McDermott shares. “And it was f–king awesome.” We admire Spelling’s commitment!

McDermott had one final tidbit to share in this episode — he has Spelling’s name tattooed just above his genitals. “It says, ‘Tori’s,'” the Open Range actor offers up. “I just thought it would be really cool.”

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