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Charlize Theron Shares a Sweet (& Rare!) Photo of Her Daughter While on Vacation

Some celebrities use social media as a stream of consciousness, routinely posting snippets of their life — including their kids. But Charlize Theron shared a rare photo of her daughter while on vacation over the weekend, and it’s the first time the actress has publicly posted a pic of her kids since November 2016. This hard-working Hollywood mama clearly values her family’s privacy, which makes the occasional glimpse into their lives that much more special.

Theron recently finished wrapping two big projects: Bombshell, about the downfall of Fox News’ Roger Ailes, and the animated The Addams Family. Coming off of such a stacked work schedule, the actress took her family and jetted off for a little quality time on vacation. Understandably, she isn’t a huge rush to get back to the daily grind. On Instagram, she posted two pics taken during the family’s getaway. The first shows Theron’s 7-year-old daughter Jackson reaching for a piece of fruit, her face obscured by the tree’s foliage. “We don’t wanna leaves,” Theron captioned the rare snapshot, proving she’s pretty darn punny.

A second photo shows the shadow of a woman in a large sunhat (presumably Theron) taking a photo of a cerulean blue harbor. While it’s unclear where the family is vacationing, we can’t say we blame them for wanting to stick around.

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We don’t wanna leaves 🍃

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The last time Theron, who is also mother to 3-year-old daughter August, shared a photo of her kids appears to have been nearly three years ago — and even then, it was just a photo of the family’s hands. “Happy World Adoption Day from our family to yours!!” Theron wrote at the time. “If we continue to open our minds and hearts, maybe we will find ourselves in a world where every child has the loving family they deserve.”

While Theron doesn’t often share photos of her children, she does occasionally speak to the family dynamic. Earlier this year, she admitted that her girls had reached ages where they are more opinionated than they have been in the past. “Prior to last year, it was a more agreeable house. It was easier to agree on what we were going to do as a family, or what we were going to watch or eat,” she admitted to USA Today, adding, “Sometimes I’m just like, ‘Can we just all agree that we’re having corn dogs?!'”

But hey, it looks like perhaps the kids called a moratorium on their sibling bickering for vacation — and something tells us Theron is enjoying the peace while it lasts.

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