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Chrissy Teigen Is Perfectly Comfortable Without a Bra, Thank You Very Much

Haters gonna hate, especially about women’s clothes — and women’s bodies in those clothes. And a certain outspoken celebrity mama we love isn’t here for any of it — which is why we’re not surprised that Chrissy Teigen clapped back at bra comments lobbed at her in a new Instagram post.

The model, who’s no stranger to calling out trolls coming for her choice of clothing (even by her own mom), took an Instagram user to task after she posted a photo of herself in a low-cut jumpsuit. The picture shows Teigen looking off into the distance with the caption “What do you think I’m looking at?” A commenter instantly responded with the rude remark, “A bra, girl get you one!”

Teigen, the queen of clap backs, responded with, “Allow me to save you from my titties.”

The jumpsuit made another appearance the next day when Teigen shared a video of her going down a slide into a ball pit. She puts her hands over her chest to keep from offending parents, kids and Instagram commenters. Someone — perhaps Teigen’s husband, John Legend? — laughs in the background of the video. She appropriately captioned the video “Whoopsie daisy.”

No doubt the video was a result of the previous comment. The jumpsuit making its revenge known.

Of course, Teigen is no stranger to harsh comments on social media. Back in June Teigen took flack for her daughter Luna’s dental hygiene just a few weeks after a commenter judged her weight to be a baby bump. In the latter instance, Teigen said she would love to be pregnant but wasn’t and that comments like that are hurtful for everyone who can’t conceive. It’s even t the point where Legend has come to her defense — even mentioning how she gets mom-shamed for decisions they make as a couple.

Frankly, we’re here for whatever kind of support garment — or lack thereof — makes a woman feel comfortable. So let’s let Chrissy Teigen wear what she wants, people. M’kay?

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