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Is Prince George’s Primary School Too Intense for His Age?

It’s back to school to time for everyone — including the royal family. Prince George’s primary school curriculum has been revealed and some people are wondering if it’s a bit intense for the 6-year-old. The future King will be entering Year 2 at Thomas’s Battersea on September 5.

At first glance, the curriculum and subjects for the year are pretty standard, including maths, English, science, history and geography. Not too much for the little Prince, but then things start to get kind of intense. Prince George will also become a student of religious studies, French, art/ technology design, music, drama, computing, physical education and ballet. It sounds like kind of a lot (art/technology design? Really?), but according to Helen Haslem, Head of Lower School, per the school’s website, “The curriculum presented in Year 2 reflects the increased ability of the children, both academically and socially.”

“It sees the completion of the basic skills in literacy and numeracy in Key Stage 1. Individual strengths and talents begin to emerge, which you will undoubtedly begin to see.” Haslem continues, “The children are asked to become more responsible in Year 2; this may start with the children recording their own homework in their diaries. This increasing independence allows for a smooth transition to the Prep School.”

Prince William and Duchess Kate will also be tasked with helping Prince George do his homework, which apparently will include up to 10 minutes of reading every night, a weekly spelling rule and 20 minutes set aside for any other task. Prince George will also be learning cursive and, while at school, will be reading and reciting poetry in front of the class along with his fellow students. We’re not fans of homework for 6-year-olds, but considering the courses he’s taking, that doesn’t sound too taxing for the little prince — or his parents.

Prince George won’t be alone in his endeavors, thankfully. Princess Charlotte is also readying to join her brother at Thomas’s Battersea and is reportedly very much looking forward to it. “She can’t wait to be with George at big school,” an insider close to People shared. “She is so excited about it all.” We can’t wait to see these two continue to grow up royal.

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