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Disney’s Cruella Movie Starring Emma Stone Won’t Be Coming as Soon as You Thought

If patience is a virtue, prepare to become a lot more virtuous. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the release date for Disney’s Cruella starring Emma Stone just got pushed back. Fortunately — despite the 101 Dalmations villain’s theme song lyrics insisting “she ought to be locked up and never released” — the postponement isn’t permanent. Still, for those of us who’ve been counting down the days until Stone steps into De Vil’s dastardly shoes, the bump is long enough to feel like forever.

To recap, the movie will reportedly be an origin story of the character. Remember how the evil queen of Sleeping Beauty was reimagined with a sympathetic backstory for Maleficent? Think along those lines, although there’s no word yet as to whether Cruella’s narrative will somehow make Disney fans see her in a new light. To state the obvious, it’s hard to imagine any backstory that would make us fall in line with a woman who procures puppies to make her fur coats.

But hey, anything is possible. It’s Disney, right? We’ll all find out once the movie hits theaters — not on Dec. 23, 2020, as originally planned, but on May 28, 2021. So, bad news, you’ll have to wait another five months to see the film. But the good news is that Disney is moving it to the start of the lucrative box office Memorial Day weekend, meaning they must think they have a hit on their hands.

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Another silver lining to the bump? It means that spring and summer of 2021 are going to be stacked with must-watch movies. With its new release date, Cruella will launch three weeks after Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, one week after John Wick: Chapter 4, one week before WB’s Sesame Street movie (starring Anne Hathaway) and two weeks before the highly anticipated third installment of the new Jurassic Park franchise.

Little else is yet known about the spinoff of the 1961 Disney classic, 101 Dalmations. Kelly Marcel (Venom, Saving Mr. Banks) is writing the script. Andrew Gunn (Race to Witch Mountain, Bedtime Stories) will act as producer. And Stone will star as a presumably younger version of the Disney villain we all love to hate.

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