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Kristen Bell Hilariously Narrates Dax Shepard Interrupting a Wedding to Save Their Daughter’s Lego

It’s said that horrible weddings make for happy marriages — in which case there are a couple of newlyweds out there who just got a bump of marital bliss from one of Hollywood’s favorite husband-and-wife duos. Curious? Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard rescued their daughter’s Lego, effectively interrupting a nearby wedding in the process. Although, c’mon, being able to say these two horned in on your big day is pretty much a wedding gift in itself.

Bell shared the saga of the couple’s mid-wedding Lego rescue on Monday in her Instagram Story, writing that the family had witnessed a wedding below their hotel balcony. “The girls were in awe, and both me and dad [i.e. Shepard] were crying. Dad was whispering beautiful things in my ear like, ‘Weddings are so moving. Wouldn’t the world be a bit more peaceful if enemies had to watch each other get married?’ and, ‘Do you think I should take my shirt off for this?’” Bell hilariously recounted before revealing, “And then it happened. Anna’s Lego head fell off the balcony and into a tree.”

Naturally, a modicum of chaos ensued as they worked to retrieve the Lego belonging to Delta, 4. “’I lost Anna’s Con-ortion head!’ my youngest screamed at the wedding guests. Toddler translation: ‘I lost Anna’s Coronation head.’ So Dad jumped at the opportunity to save the day. The problem was, the wedding guests saw some hillbillies MacGyvering some spare hotel room parts and smacking them in the bushes and didn’t know what the f**k was happening. But Dad did not give up. He waited until the guests were leaving and tried again. Anna’s Lego head was rescued and the whole wedding cheered,” Bell explained.

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Images: Kristen Bell/Instagram. Kristen Bell/Instagram.

As for how Shepard retrieved Anna’s “Con-ortion head,” well, that really is a mastery of MacGyver-like skills — he hooked an umbrella through a lunchbox. Yes, really. Even better? As he lifted the box out of the bush with the Lego piece in it, he proclaimed to the crowd below, “This wedding will have great fortune!” Brb, dying.

Shepard and Bell, who also share 6-year-old daughter Lincoln, are no strangers to finding the humor in potentially mortifying situations. Just last week, Bell revealed another LOL-inducing anecdote about her husband, this time involving their introduction to Beyoncé and Jay-Z back in 2011.

Not surprisingly, Dax (who, FYI, calls himself the “biggest Jay-Z fan in America”) was pretty pumped at the possibility of meeting the rapper at that year’s Met Gala. They ended up seated at the same table but, according to Bell, the evening wasn’t exactly a ringing success. By her account, Shepard “talked [Jay-Z’s] ear off” and even recited Jay-Z’s own lyrics back to him. Jay-Z, said Bell, did not appear “that interested” in the convo.

After that, a little mid-wedding Lego recon sounds like a breeze, eh?

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