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Demi Moore Wished Her Daughter Rumer Happy Birthday by Posting the Cutest Baby Pics

Moms certainly love to trot out the baby pictures, even celebrity moms. The latest example: Demi Moore shared baby photos of her daughter Rumer Willis to celebrate Rumer’s 31st birthday.

Moore took to Instagram to publish a darling photo of baby Rumer sitting in the front seat of a convertible and rocking a wide smile. (Those tiny fists on the wheel!)

Moore captioned the photo, “I am a few min late but YOU @rumerwillis my sweet first born came on your due date ready for action and have been in the driver’s seat ready for this journey from the day you were born! Happy Birthday Baby Ru! Before you I didn’t really know what love was! You continue to light the pathway of loving and I am honored to be on this ride with you my angel! Thank you for being a beautiful teacher and a magnificent being. I love you beyond measure!”

A second photo is even more heartwarming, showing Moore herself and an older Rumer napping together on a couch. That look on Rumer’s face is a definite mood. “Heaven! Happy Birthday and sweet dreams my sweet angel Rumer Glenn @rumerwillis,” Moore added.

The posts are not only gorgeous but are also meant to uplift. Willis has been feeling ill the last few months and has been fairly open with her issues, sharing a make-up free selfie of her and her mom.

Willis went on to say, “I have been sick almost the entire month of August that started with food poisoning to then an unknown stomach problem where I haven’t been able to eat because when I do it feels like my stomach is on fire to the flu that turned into a sinus infection. I felt helpless and scared and so utterly overwhelmed. I felt like time was just drifting by and I was trapped in a body that didn’t want to work with me.”

Hopefully, the actress is feeling better now, both physically and spiritually. With her mom by her side there seems to be plenty of support to get her through these tough times.

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