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Bachelorette Alum Mike Johnson Reacts to Accusation He’s ‘Not Into Women of Color’

It looks like drama for one Bachelor in Paradise contestant is hitting them off the small screen. Mike Johnson of Bachelor franchise fame reacted to a social media user who accused the reality star of being “not into women of color.” Johnson, who gained popularity on the recent season of The Bachelorette, responded to the comments over social media.

Johnson made his first appearance on the Bachelor adjacent series last Monday night. Upon his introduction, the women of Paradise were eagerly smitten. Johnson eventually took contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes — of Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season — on a romantic date. On the Tuesday night episode, Miller-Keyes accepted a date from new arrival Dean Unglert, while Johnson began to pursue a connection with Sydney Lotuaco.

Fans immediately took to social media, commenting on Johnson’s Instagram. “WHY DIDN’T YOU PICK TAYSHIA????” one commenter asked with another directly responding to say, “they would have been perfff together.” “He clearly is not into women of color!?” another wrote. Johnson reacted to the accusation, saying “You dont know me so I’m not going to scold you but I do know I dont like you with this ignorant a** statement. I love women of color,” adding a 100 emoji after his response.

Johnson became a fan favorite during Hannah Brown’s recent season of The Bachelorette. While Johnson was on the reality show, some fans thought producers were dropping hints that Johnson take on the lead as the next Bachelor. “I haven’t spoken to no one about it,” Johnson said of the rumors. Talking about the incredible support from his fellow contestants, “Yes, my homies from the show were speaking on it, and it’s really cool to hear that.”

The Bachelorette star then said when it comes to the process, “I have lots of questions if I were going to be Bachelor. I take stuff like that very seriously. When it comes to pieces of the heart, there’s no playing with that. I don’t care if I’m on TV or not.” We’re really hopeful that the fan favorite is given the rose-y role, as fellow contestant Tyler Cameron reportedly would not be the Bachelor, though he too was another fan favorite from Brown’s season and her runner-up. Keep your fingers crossed, Bachelor Nation.

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