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Nope, That Wasn’t Lady Gaga On Vacation With Bradley Cooper in France (& They’re Still Not a Thing)

Sorry to break it to all you A Star Is Born fans, but your favorite fictional couple of Jackson and Ally still hasn’t become a thing IRL. Despite the rumor mill going wild, a Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga vacation photo making the rounds turns out to be a case of mistaken identity. So, why was the internet all astir? A blurry paparazzi pic appears to show Cooper having lunch in romantic Provence alongside someone with platinum hair and oversized sunglasses. Sounds like Gaga, sure — so the reality might come as a comical surprise.

Per the U.K.’s Sun, the glamorous person sitting across from Cooper at a café in France was actually 60-year-old silver-tressed artist Guggi. The pair enjoyed a meal at Provence’s Chateau La Coste in the company of another famous figure: U2 frontman Bono! As it turns out, Guggi (whose real name is Derek Rowen) is a lifelong pal of Bono’s. “Bradley hasn’t seen [Gaga] in months,” a source insisted to The Sun. “He is good pals with Bono and met up with him and his friends, who include Guggi. He’s just trying to enjoy a break in the sun.”

Still, it isn’t surprising that fans who’ve stanned the pair since A Star Is Born released would want to believe the rumors about a romantic getaway were true.

It likely didn’t help that the fuzzy France photo surfaced only a day after Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger told Fox News that she believes Cooper may have met his match in Gaga. “I would’ve liked to see him and Gaga together. They would have been a cool couple. I know her and I think it would have been really cool actually. It would’ve been interesting,” Stanger said, pointing out that the two have “really good synergy, and astrologically they’re good together.”

Alas, romance doesn’t seem to be in the stars for these two… at least not right now. Although Cooper remains single following his split from Irina Shayk, Gaga and audio engineer Dan Horton are currently linked.

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