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Do Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez’s Kids Look Alike, or Have We Been On the Internet Too Long?

A few days ago, Alex Rodriguez posted an Instagram vowing to focus on family in light of his recent robbery. But commenters on said Instagram took away a slightly different message. Fans think Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s kids look like twins on the Instagram he posted, and they wasted no time letting the former MLB player know it. Despite the fact that these kids have no relation to each other — the three boys and one girl are from Rodriguez and Lopez’s previous marriages — fans apparently see a lot in common between their two sets of kids. We’re not totally sure we see it (the black-and-white definitely blurs over some details), but we’ll let you decide for yourselves. One thing is clear, however: lookalikes or no, photos of this sweet blended family will always brighten our day.

The photo in question featured the full Lopez-Rodriguez clan: the two members of this power couple, of course, and then Lopez’s 11-year-old twins Max and Emme on the right, and Rodriguez’s daughters, 14-year-old Natasha and 11-year-old Ella on either side of him. Commenters quickly pointed out the resemblance they saw, particularly between Lopez’s daughter Emme and Rodriguez’s daughter Ella. “I will never get over the fact that Emme and Ella look so much alike 😩♥️,” one comment reads. “Why do Emme and Ella look so much alike,” another adds. “All the kiddos look like they could be 💯 siblings,” a third agrees.

So, what do you think? Do you see the Emme-Ella resemblance or no? Whether or not they “look like” relatives, the wonderful thing about Lopez and Rodriguez’s focus on their new blended family means that it doesn’t matter whether these girls look similar or not. Family is who you choose — and Lopez, Rodriguez and all the kids here are looking pretty darn happy about their choices.

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