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Chrissy Teigen Says 1-Year-Old Son Miles is ‘Insane’ & Here’s Why She Didn’t Expect It

We suspected that there’s never a quiet moment in the Teigen-Legend household, and Chrissy Teigen herself has just confirmed it. Teigen revealed how son Miles isn’t like John Legend at all, and it turns out their 1-year-old son is missing Legend’s calm, chill persona. We all know that you can never predict your kid’s personality, so who knows? It could be he just takes after Teigen’s own — dare we say it — less-than-chill attitude himself. Hey, it’s a compliment! Those hilarious Twitter rants don’t write themselves.

At the launch party for her new Quay campaign, Teigen chatted with Us Weekly about how Miles has been defying expectations. “I thought he’d be super quiet,” the Lip Sync Battle commentator admitted. “I thought he’d be a little John [Legend], and I thought he’d be very chill, romantic and lovey — but no. He’s insane. You just never know!” To be fair, the fact that he’s not chill, romantic, or lovey yet could be chalked up to his young age. It could be that once he’s out of his toddler years, he’ll calm down and reveal the John Legend side he had all along. Then again, Legend and Teigen’s other kid, 3-year-old Luna Stephens, seems to be something of a hell-raiser herself. So maybe it runs in the family — just not the side of the family Teigen had in mind.

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We’re very curious to hear what kinds of trouble Miles might have already gotten into to prove how “insane” he is. He just started walking at the end of July, delighting his parents — before they realized how much more of a handful he’d be with his newfound mobility. Of course, there’s no end to the un-chill behaviors a toddler can display at 17 months old. Whether it ends up being a phase or not, we think Teigen and Legend are in for a wild ride with their two kids either way.

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