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Jason Sudeikis’ Toddler Daisy Has the Perfect Running Joke for School Drop-Off Mornings

When both your parents are renowned for their comedy, we imagine they run quite the lively household — and possibly, inspire you to try your own comedy routines. We recently learned that Jason Sudeikis’ daughter Daisy pretends to be asleep at school drop-off, so yep, we’ll go ahead and assume she inherited the comedy gene from Sudeikis and mom Olivia Wilde. Sudeikis confesses to being charmed by his daughter’s daily bit, but whether or not she ever actually gets out of going to school remains to be seen.

This week’s issue of People includes the inside scoop from Sudeikis on 2-year-old Daisy’s drop-off routine. “Daisy does this thing when I drop her off at school. I play music on the way there — I try playing non-kids’ music for them when I have the opportunity to play the iPod,” the SNL star explains. “I get out and open Otis’ side and let him out and by the time I get to Daisy’s side, she’ll lay there and act like she fell asleep […] It always makes me laugh. You can kind of see that she’s looking through it and she’s just smiling. And I’m like ‘Oh no, Daisy fell asleep! Oh no, oh no!’ And she’ll start giggling and that always makes me laugh. It’s such a little joke. They always joke. They’re so funny.”

Sudeikis shares two children with Booksmart director Wilde: Daisy, and 5-year-old son Otis Alexander. Sudeikis shared another adorable insight into these young kids’ lives, relaying an anecdote about Otis spilling milk. “He said, ‘I’m sorry it was a mistake,’ and then his little sister said, ‘It’s okay, Otis, everyone makes uhstakes.’ She can’t say ‘mistakes.'” Wilde was pleased with their daughter’s response: “Olivia just responded and was like, ‘Oh, that feels good,’ Sudeikis shares. “They’re doing that, so maybe that’s behavior Liv and I do.”

It’s certainly a sweet message — and a very mature one from a 2-year-old! It sounds like these two kids are wise beyond their years. And the killer sense of humor is just an added bonus.

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