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The Real-Life Family Tie Between This Is Us Stars Sterling K. Brown & Mandy Moore Will Melt Your Heart

Anyone who watches This Is Us knows that Rebecca Pearson and her son Randall have a very close bond. Apparently, even the actor’s own families are taken in by how close they appear on screen, per the recent admission that Sterling K. Brown’s son thinks Mandy Moore is part of the family. During a Q&A for Angry Birds 2, Brown revealed that his oldest son Andrew watches just enough This Is Us to know that Moore plays his dad’s mom — and that he points out the family connection at every chance he gets. So cute!

Brown sat down with People for a video Q&A, and naturally, This Is Us came up. “My son knows that I do This is Us. When he sees [my TV] family members, he says, ‘There’s your sister, there’s your brother,’ Brown shares. “He’s always pointing at white people, and I’m like, ‘You do know Daddy has black family?’ and he says ‘No, I know you do, but those are the ones that I know.'” Fair enough, Andrew! After all, if we saw Sterling K. Brown out in the wild, we’d have a slight urge to call him Randall — it happens.

8-year-old Andrew seems to have a special liking for Moore: “He sees Mandy Moore [and] he’s like ‘There’s Mom!’ Brown continues. “My eight-years-younger mom is always around.”

For Brown, being in a kids’ movie like Angry Birds 2 is kind of a dream come true. Talking through the process of voice acting, he says this: “They’ll show you the movie as it’s being developed, as your character develops from drawing to the animation to movement. As I’m watching it, I’m thinking of my kids,” Brown explains. “They’re going to get to watch their dad as a cartoon […] Since Mel Blanc, I’ve had this dream of doing a voice, and now that it’s come to fruition, it’s a pinch-me moment.”

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