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Jameela Jamil Was Called ‘Broken’ By a Twitter Troll & Guess How Much She Cares?

Internet trolls beware, you don’t want to mess with this celebrity. Jameela Jamil slammed a Twitter troll who called her “broken,” proving that she has no patience for people who take the time out of their day to insult her. The Good Place actress posted the interaction on her Instagram account and stood her ground.

The troll’s initial comment was anything but warranted. Referring to Jamil’s critical stance on dieting — specifically referencing an app targeted to children — the troll tweeted to Jamil: “You are broken. Not everyone should have to be treated with kid gloves just because a few people can’t handle it. It’s called evolution.” Jamil was not a fan of the troll’s comments. The actress blasted the user, writing, “I’m not broken. You are just a f-cknugget with the emotional intelligence of a banana.”

Jamil then took the interaction even further. With limited characters on her Twitter account, the actress took a screenshot of the tweets and posted them to her Instagram. In the post, Jamil captioned the image, first writing, “I eat trolls for breakfast.” Jamil then continued, saying, “Ps. This clown was saying this regarding an app for KIDS from @ww that teaches them from the age of 8, how to diet.” Jamil openly discussed her own struggles with weight and eating disorders, culminating her post with, “I was 11 when I was put on my first diet. And it ruined the rest of my life, because I developed an irrational terror of food and fat.”

Since gaining a wider platform, Jamil has been outspoken on a number of issues. She’s critiqued diet culture, and encouraged the world to embrace the Mom Bod. Jamil has taken a stance against companies who shame women, sharing personal struggles from her own life and how she was affected. Most recently, she was featured in the British Vogue Forces for Change issue, guest edited by Meghan Markle. Jameela Jamil doesn’t seem like she’s backing from internet trolls — or anyone else, for that matter.

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