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Shannen Doherty Reacted to Rumors of Past Feuds On the Set of BH90210

After years of rumors, this actress is over the drama. Shannen Doherty put to rest the Beverly Hills, 90210 rumors about feuds concerning her and her fellow cast mates from back in the day. With the quasi-revival of the popular ’90s series, rumors swirled as to whether or not Doherty would address past feuds with Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth. Now, Doherty is setting the record straight.

The actress was very candid talking to People about returning to the show after more than 15 years. “It’s always interesting to get back in with a group you have so much history with,” Doherty told the outlet. “We can see how we’ve grown, or not grown. It’s a very interesting dynamic to be around.” Doherty joined all of her original cast members, save for the late Luke Perry who the cast paid tribute to in the premiere. Garth and Spelling, members of the cast, also serve as the series’ executive producers and co-creators. The chance to reunite with the two women allowed Doherty the opportunity to confront past rumors of feuds between the trio. “I have felt misunderstood my whole life. The only difference is that now I’m okay with it,” Doherty candidly shared.

“Somebody had a problem with me being late, but perhaps they didn’t know I was late because my dad was in the hospital, or maybe because I was in a horrible marriage,” the actress continued. “I didn’t share, or I wasn’t asked. I’m not saying it was all a misunderstanding, but a large portion of it was a misunderstanding.” Now, the actress reveals, “I mentioned what I was personally going through back then and some of the cast members went, ‘Oh my God, what?’” says Doherty. “It was very interesting having those conversations, not just about me but about what they were going through too. And really understanding each other this time around as adults.”

The actress then touched on how much has changed for each member of the cast, saying, “There was never any sit-down, like hey let’s talk about this. It was just, we’re adults, we’re in a different place. You kind of start over, but you start over closer.” The Beverly Hills, 90210 cast has especially grown closer since the passing of Luke Perry, who died following a stroke in March.

“Luke was so quiet, but his death had such an enormous impact,” said Doherty, who will make an appearance on Riverdale as a tribute to the late actor. She continued to say filming the BH90210 revival became very difficult, saying the production felt “like a jigsaw puzzle that wasn’t coming together. Because one of the most important parts of the puzzle was gone.”

We’re glad to see that the cast of one of our favorite shows has come together, matured and grown to support one another. Beverly Hills, 90210 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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