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More Proof That Prince George & Princess Charlotte Share the Sweetest Sibling Bond

The relationship between brother and sister is something special — and siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte share a bond like none other. The 6-year-old and 4-year-old are growing up royal and even at this very young age have learned to lean on each other, something that we hope won’t change in the future.

The two young royals obviously lead very unique lives, with both siblings in line to ascend the throne — Prince George is third in line while Princess Charlotte is fourth. But according to People, their close age and circumstances have made their bond all the more closer. “They are close in age, and they spend so much time together,” a source close to People shared for the outlet’s cover story this week. “Playdates [with outsiders] can be tricky, so they learn to lean on each other.”

The siblings do have their differences though, especially in personality. Princess Charlotte is rather outgoing, while Prince George is a bit more reserved. Their personality differences were on full display at a charity sailing event the Cambridge’s attended recently. All the while, Duchess Kate Middleton has handled their upbringing swimmingly. “Kate just handled it wonderfully,” says a longtime royal expert. “She just laughed, and it was really lovely to see. For once you looked at them and thought, ‘They’re a family,’ rather than ‘the royal family.'”

While one-year-old Prince Louis is still catching up to his siblings, Princess Charlotte will soon be joining her big brother at school. “She can’t wait to be with George at big school,” the insider continued. “She is so excited about it all.” We can’t wait to see these two continue to grow up royal.

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