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Olivia Jade is Done with Media Talking About Her & This Instagram Proves It

This photo has our jaws on the floor. Olivia Jade reacted to media on Instagram of the coverage on her post-college scandal and the post is really something. Jade is the daughter of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli who plead not guilty to charges that they paid $500,000 to have their daughters admitted to the University of Southern California under the pretense they would be joining the women’s rowing team, when neither daughter had ever trained in the sport.

The 19-year-old influencer is fed-up with the way media outlets have been portraying her coping after the fall-out from the scandal. In a post on Instagram, Jade shared a photo of herself, flipping both of her middle fingers at the camera and tagging outlets the likes of People, Star Magazine and Perez Hiltion among others. She then used the hashtags “#close #source #says” to caption the post.

Her sister, Bella, not only liked the post, but offered comments, “she hot” and “not over you and this – QUEEN” with a Queen emoji. Apparently it was a report from Entertainment Tonight that was the last straw for Jade, according to Elle Magazine. An alleged source shared with ET that Jade was moving on from USC, saying, “Olivia has no plans to return to USC. She never wanted to attend USC to begin with, and now she is sure that USC isn’t the place for her. Right now her goal is to rebuild her brand and her business.”

The source then took things to an even greater, more personal level, saying Jade and her mother no longer have as strong a relationship as Jade’s Instagram post on Loughlin’s birthday may have suggested. “Lori has apologized many times to her girls and has told them that she only wants the best for them,” the source shared with ET. “Olivia has forgiven her but she still carries some resentment because she realizes that this scandal has marked her and will never entirely go away.” We don’t want to assume, but it’s likely Jade won’t be reaching out to any outlet for comment. Her Instagram post definitely says it all.

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