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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Are Apparently Annoying Dinner Party Friends With Their PDA

At this point, it feels like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have commanded headlines for just about every silly reason under the sun. Yet, there was at least one complaint about the royal couple we hadn’t heard… until now. The newest criticism? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are breaking dinner party etiquette with their PDA, and it’s reportedly becoming a problem for the people in their inner circle. In fact, the royal pair’s pals are apparently worried Meghan and Harry’s touchy-feely behavior could put guests “off their food.”

According to Mail on Sunday, the root of the problem appears to be that Meghan and Harry ignore longstanding etiquette that would seat them across from other. Rather, the loving couple “insists” on sitting next to each other. Not surprisingly, poor Meghan seems to be shouldering the blame for this — the Mail reports that people in their social circle assume the Duchess thinks the separate seating rule to be “exclusive” and “traditional.” This perspective is allegedly “frowned upon” by Harry’s society circle, who “roll their eyes” at Meghan’s “American ways.”

And by “American ways,” they reportedly mean being affectionate to her husband at or in the vicinity of the dinner table. Some have even “stopped inviting her to dinner” at all to avoid any more of these so-called social faux pas.

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If you’re curious about the etiquette Meghan and Harry (yes, and, since he is an autonomous human being as well) are reportedly breaking, the Mail offered a brief rundown of that, too. The outlet claims there are certain rules related to society seating plans one must follow lest they break etiquette. These include couples being seated apart so as to avoid PDA, as well as mandating that guests always sit where they are placed.

If these rumors are true, though, Meghan and Harry obviously DGAF and simply want to be in each other’s company while eating dinner. We’re definitely taking these reports with a grain of salt but, if they are accurate, it sounds like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might need a new social circle. In which case, we volunteer as tributes.

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