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Chrissy Teigen’s Daughter Dressed Her Little Brother in Her Shoes & Wow, It’s So Cute

When Chrissy Teigen posts new content featuring her and John Legend’s children, you drop everything and pay attention. Sorry! We don’t make the rules. Featured in her latest post is Teigen and Legend’s son Miles wearing sister Luna’s shoes — shoes that it appears Luna had dressed him in moments earlier. It’s a sweet, sweet portrait of sibling love with a classic silly Teigen kick. And once again, we have to say it looks like daughter Luna has inherited her mom’s sense of humor.

Teigen posted the photo of her kids earlier Friday, Aug. 9, featuring 3-year-old Luna Simone Stephens with her arms around 1-year-old Miles Theodora Stephens (who only recently started walking!). They’re sitting out on a lawn, with Luna in a little grey dress and Miles in a blue striped shirt, shorts and some seriously strappy pink sandals. The caption reads: “Luna puts her shoes on him.”

Judging from Miles’ facial expression, it seems like he’s not totally sure that they’re a perfect fit for his style — but judging from Luna’s beatific smile, Miles’ opinion is of limited importance to her. Well, celebrities or no, older siblings do have a tendency to take charge in this way. We’ll see if Miles is still getting the dress-up treatment once he’s not just walking, but talking too.

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Luna puts her shoes on him.

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The comments are basking in this display of cuteness, and noting the sibling dynamic at play. “Sooooo sweet tho can’t tell if she’s hugging or strangling him,” one reads. Another agrees: “I love their love even if she’s got him in the headlock.” Like we said, Luna definitely has the upper hand for now — but this is all classic brother-sister antics and a good sign that these two young kids are bonding. Chrissy, please never stop posting!

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