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Brad Pitt & Leonardo DiCaprio Were Both Mistaken for This Actor — & Even Signed His Autographs

We don’t really see the likeness here, but in the rush of the moment, it can happen. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio get mistaken for Matt Damon — and have even signed his autographs. In an interview with costar Margot Robbie to promote their new film Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood, Pitt and DiCaprio revealed the A-list actor they’re often mistaken for.

The trio were being interviewed by BBC Radio 1’s film critic Ali Plumb when the case of mistaken identity came up. “When was the last time somebody went, ‘do I know you?’ Or confused you with another famous person,” Plumb asked. To which DiCaprio quickly replied, “I get Matt Damon.” Without hesitation, Pitt chimed in to say, “I get Matt!” (Of course, we know that Pitt also has a look-alike in a UK professional doppelgänger.)

The interview was intercut with scenes the famous leading men have shared together. DiCaprio starred alongside Damon in the 2006 film The Departed, while Pitt costarred with Damon in the mid-2000s Oceans series. “I may have even gotten a Brad Pitt once,” DiCaprio added in the interview. “You can’t be mad about that,” Robbie chimed in.

Robbie, meanwhile, has also had her fair share of mistaken identity. The star is often compared to actress Emma Mackey, who stars on the Netflix Sex Education. After she’s mistaken for the actress, Robbie said she often lets fans down gently, telling them she isn’t the rising star from the popular streaming show. Pitt, on the other hand, takes a completely different approach. “I’ve actually signed autographs as Matt,” he shared. Miming a signature scribbled, Pitt added, “They’ll figure it out later.” Well, Damon fans, if you think you recently received an autograph from the actor, you may want to do some cross-checking.

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