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Does Brad Pitt Have a Twin? This ‘Look-Alike’ Says He’s Been Mistaken ‘Thousands’ of Times

Once Upon a Time inthe U.K.? Apparently, there is some doppelgängery at play in the universe involving one of Hollywood’s biggest stars — Brad Pitt look-alike photos have surfaced of a man from Oxford who insists that resembling the celebrity A-lister has become a real annoyance for him. Per the UK’s Mirror, 33-year-old Nathan Meads claims he can hardly walk down the street without people confusing him for the 55-year-old actor.

A builder, Meads told the Mirror that he gets mobbed on a daily basis over the perceived similarities. “I can’t go anywhere. I can’t go into shops, you see them behind the counter nudging each other, thinking I’m Brad Pitt,” Meads said, telling the outlet that he doesn’t see the resemblance himself. “I’m not one of those lads who thinks they’re really good looking. I’ve had quite a few girlfriends, but I’ve never thought I was one of those men that everyone fancies.” Still, he says he’s willing to indulge the people who do see it. “If it puts a smile on their face, I’m happy to do it,” he said of reportedly being asked to pose for photos and sign autographs.

Meads estimates the number of people who’ve approached him is in the thousands.

Although he insists he’s annoyed by the attention, Meads claims to also field dozens of messages on social media every day. He tries to reply to as many as possible, FWIW, even having met his current girlfriend, Adiel Mckinven, that way. She found him on Facebook and messaged him, despite being convinced it must be a catfishing scam. When they met in person and she realized Meads was real, she says it was love at first sight. She doesn’t even mind other women approaching him when they mistake him for Pitt. “Nathan laughs at it and so do I — it’s just a shame I don’t look like Angelina Jolie,” McKinven told the Mirror.

On the other hand, Meads blames the attention for the demise of his relationship with the mother of his two daughters, Grace, 9, and Laila, 4: “She hated that we couldn’t go anywhere without girls coming up to me and asking me for photos.”

Interestingly, despite blaming the resemblance for his breakup and insisting he doesn’t see it, Meads has grown a goatee to match Pitt’s and dreams of quitting his job to become a full-time Pitt look-alike. He even answers to the name “Brad” (of nickname “Bradders” now).  But does he look enough like Pitt to really merit doppelgänger status? Well, he reportedly gets paid to attend premieres and celebrity parties for the resemblance.

We can kind of see it. What do you think — is Meads the real deal, or just as bad as the recent Leonardo DiCaprio “lookalike”?

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