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Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt Are Reportedly Still in Touch — But Don’t Expect Them to Date Again

A lot has changed in the past 14 years. There have been (more) marriages, kids, divorces, movies and TV shows. But Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt continue to stay in touch more than a decade after their highly publicized 2005 split, according to a new report. And while Pitt’s cameo at his ex-wife’s star-studded 50th birthday party in February stoked rumors of a reconciliation, Aniston is reportedly ready to start dating again with support from her friends — including Pitt.

It isn’t Pitt that Aniston will be moving on from at this point, after all. Last February, she announced that she and husband-of-two-years Justin Theroux were calling it quits. In the time since, Aniston hasn’t really been connected to anyone new. However, that may change in the very near future. “The support she has had from women in her life has truly helped her move on and upward and, with lots of encouragement from friends, she finally has started dating,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “Lisa [Kudrow] and Courteney [Cox] and Jen are really close and have encouraged her to date and get out there.”

As far as Pitt, he appears to be single at the moment as well. Since splitting from Angelina Jolie in 2016, rumors have swirled around potential romantic partners, although none have been confirmed. Spoiler alert: His ex-wife isn’t one of them — the source claims that he and Aniston aren’t romantic but are friendly. “She continues to stay in touch with Brad and they occasionally talk. They both have come so far,” the source said.

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Aniston seems to be in a healthy sphere in general, both physically and mentally. “She remains very into yoga and health. Her body looks better than ever before,” the source noted, adding of her career. “Jen has a lot of upcoming projects and still hasn’t slowed down when it comes to work. She has received so many offers that it’s been difficult to navigate them.”

Hmm, something tells us her dating life now that she’s back on the scene may bring much of the same.

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