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The Beverly Hills 90210 Reboot Will Address This Famous On-Set Feud & We’re Ready

We’ll finally know what happens behind the scenes of Kelly and Brenda’s friendship. Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty will address their past feud in the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot, which will premiere on Aug. 7 on FOX. The latest iteration of the ’90s TV series will be a fictionalized version of the original stars’ lives — including previous feuds.

The BH90210 reboot will be shot mockumentary-style with a lot of meta drama. Pulling from cast members’ actual lives, the ensemble will be portraying exaggerated iterations of themselves, which means past confrontations are likely to become even more dramatic. In an interview Entertainment Tonight, stars Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth revealed that the reboot won’t shy away from addressing their past feud with cast-mate Shannen Doherty. “You know, you have to embrace everything, even the bad things,” Garth stold ET’s Nischelle Turner. “So, I think we were all on board to look at people’s perceptions of us and flip it and take the power back.”

Spelling reiterated that the show will lean into tabloid fabrications of the original cast’s time on BH90210. “Well, everything [the tabloids] write, we’re just like, ‘OK, let’s make it a part of the story line.’ This is what people think of us, so let’s kind of go full force into that,” Spelling said. During the show’s original run, Garth, Spelling and Doherty notoriously butted heads on set. But since that time, the women have grown and matured, and the reboot seems like it will make fun of the actress’s perceived selves.

“We were locked in this sound stage for 14 to 16 hours every day. There were times when we loved each other and there were times when we wanted to claw each other’s eyes out,” Garth wrote in her 2014 memoir, Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde. We’ll see how past feuds pan out when the reboot premieres.

BH90210 premieres Wednesday, Aug. 7 at 9 p.m. EST/PST on Fox.

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