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Young Prince Charles Is Prince Harry’s Look-Alike in This Photo — Like Father, Like Son

Like father, like son. Some fans think Prince Harry’s look-alike is young Prince Charles after a rare photo showed the Prince of Wales looking a lot like his younger son when he was a boy. The photo, posted on Prince Andrew, the Duke of York’s official Instagram, showed a preteen-age Charles with his sister, Princess Anne, a 6-month-old Prince Andrew, and his grandmother, the Queen Mother, who can be seen holding Andrew in her lap. The photo was posted in honor of the Queen Mother’s birthday on August 4, 1900.

“#OTD in 1900, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother was born,” the Duke of York’s Instagram wrote in the caption. “In 1960, to celebrate her 60th Birthday, this photo was taken at Clarence House, and features a 6-month-old Prince Andrew sitting on her knee, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and a Corgi. ⁣ Until the accession of Prince Albert, The Duke of York as King George VI in 1936, Queen Elizabeth was The Duchess of York.⁣”

As sweet as the tribute was, fans couldn’t help but notice how similar 11-year-old Prince Charles looked like to his son when they were the same age. Outlets like NowtoLove pointed out the similar cheeky grins that both princes shared when they were preteens. “Wow does prince Charles ever look like Harry in this photo,” one commenter wrote. Another added, “Look at Prince Charles, he looks like Prince Harry in this photo!”

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Of course, it’s understandable why Charles and Harry look so much alike. The two are father and son, after all. Still, no matter how many times we know that, it’s still fun to see how much celebrity family members look like each other, especially when they were around the same age. (See Jason Momoa and Heather Locklear’s look-alikes for examples.)

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