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Meghan Markle’s Sister Accused Her of ‘Faking’ Archie’s Christening & the Drama Is A Lot

Leave Meghan alone! As a not-so-sweet birthday present, Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha, accused her of “faking” Archie’s christening, and the drama is a lot to handle. In an interview with the Daily Star, Samantha called Meghan a “disgrace to the Markle name” for how she’s treated their shared father, Thomas Markle. (Oh, and did we mention Samantha’s comments came on Meghan’s 38th birthday?)

Samantha started her interview by referencing Meghan and Thomas’ relationship, and how the Duchess of Sussex has estranged herself from her father following their 2018 wedding drama, which included Thomas faking paparazzi photos of him researching the United Kingdom before her nuptials. Not a fan of how Meghan has treated their father, Samantha went for a gut-punch and told the Daily Star that she “hopes Archie treats Meghan like she treated her dad.”

Samantha then went after Meghan and Harry’s christening for Archie by calling her sister’s actions “non-Christian behavior” and claiming the ceremony was “faked.” “I’m surprised the church did not catch fire when she walked into it,” Samantha told the Daily Star. “For my sister to go into a church knowing what she has done to our father, ignoring him through every holiday, the wedding, two heart attacks the birth and the christening, is disrespectful.”

The Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister went on to defend their father and make more claims about how Archie’s christening was “faked” or possibly photoshopped.

“My father has been amazing to her and all the PR in the world will not make her actions right. I hope the guilt consumes her. Everything put out about my father has been lies in order to make her look better and to purposely leave out Archie’s family because her ego won’t allow her to admit that she was wrong,” she said. “Everything about the christening look faked and photoshopped but more at issue is the fact that she has traded an entire family to be royal and shame on her.”

The Markle family member even compared the christening to Beauty and the Beast, saying: “Archie is beautiful, but the circumstances surrounding the christening and my sister’s cold callousness and disregard to our family, especially our father, is the beast.”

If that wasn’t hurtful enough, Samantha also said she “feels sorry for the baby” to have a “mother like that.” Samantha continued, “He will grow up to know how controlling she is and that she knowingly and willingly hurt higher family but more than that Archie’s grandfather who is incredible and should have been in his life. She has been a disgrace to the Markle name. Our grandfather would disown meg if she were alive to witness Meg’s coldhearted treatment of this family.”

Though neither Samantha nor Thomas have met baby Archie, the half-sister said she still hopes to some day. “I suppose the family will have to give Archie his little gifts when he is older and escaped the clutches of his controlling mother and can meet family himself,” Samantha said. “I hope Archie becomes a flaming liberal that ventures out to meet family himself and hopefully everyone won’t be passed away by that time. Meg has no right to give him a tunnel vision existence.”

Of course, the duchess’ estranged sister didn’t end there. Samantha also went after Markle’s recent British Vogue issue, which highlighted activists like Jameela Jamil and Laverne Cox. “She’s been out there as a fake advocate for people’s voices being heard yet she wants to silence everyone in the family especially dad,” Samantha said, calling Meghan’s goodwill “fake” and “all for show. “She wants women’s voices to be heard but she’s got a sister in a wheelchair that she has coldly ignored and tried to silence.”

Samantha ended her interview by explaining that, while their father understand’s Meghan’s choice to distance herself from her family, she does not. “I hope that Archie is of strong character and will not be silent and will stand against her over-exertion of control,” Samantha said. “My dad understands and does not take it personally now… she is the problem not him and not anyone else in the family. She’s had several opportunities to do the right thing and purposely chose not to. She has to look in the mirror. I just hope it works out.

With that done, here’s our take: We don’t know Meghan’s family situation. So far, we’ve only heard from Samantha’s side of the story and how the estranged half of Meghan’s family is hurt over her choice to distance herself from them. There are always two sides of every coin, but blasting someone in public is not the way to mend ties. Calling Meghan “fake” and a “disgrace” is not helping the situation. At the end of the day, it’s her choice whether she wants to reconnect with the estranged side of the family. And from the looks of it, the answer is no. She may have hurt her family by distancing herself from them, but Meghan’s been hurt in this too.

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