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Kristen Bell Responded to Those Pregnancy Rumors in the Best Way

She may not have sung the song, but Kristen Bell, star of the upcoming Frozen 2, is telling people to “let it go” over persistent baby rumors. The internet seems to think Kristen Bell is pregnant with her third child with Dax Shepard, and she had the best response to the rumors. The pregnancy rumor mill started over the weekend when Bell posted an Instagram story about how her daughter Lincoln, 4, picks out her clothes by laying them out like a “flat man”

That day’s wardrobe included a sparkly headband, chunky necklace and a T-shirt with the phrase, “Shhhh…. Baby Asleep” with an arrow pointing downward. “My four-year-old laid out my flatman today and now I’m going to have to wear this T-shirt,” the Veronica Mars actress said in a video on her Instagram story. Bell’s next photo showed her wearing the completed outfit with the caption, “She might be onto something. It’s kind of cute. #4yearoldFashion.” (See the photos here.)

The images went viral with the media reaching out to Bell and husband Dax Shepard’s representatives to ask if a third child would be joining Lincoln and sister, Delta, 2, according to Yahoo. In response to the pregnancy rumors, Bell ended up posting another video to explain that she wasn’t with child. “If it wasn’t apparent in my earlier stories, I’m not pregnant no. I thought the joke was pretty obvious. I’m just being forced to wear this T-shirt today because when your kids pick out your clothes, you have to wear them,” she said on her Instagram story.

Bell’s children certainly know how to cause waves, with a recent video of them trying to guess their mom’s age drawing laughs. Might this be the two telling their mom and dad they want another sibling? As of right now though, this Veronica Mars-esque mystery is solved.

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