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Kate Middleton & Prince William Are Being Criticized for Their Birthday Tribute to Meghan Markle

It feels like the royals can’t do anything on social media without facing backlash. Kate Middleton and Prince William are being criticized for their Meghan Markle birthday wish. In honor of Markle’s 38th birthday on Sunday, August 4, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took to their official Kensington Royal Instagram to wish their sister-in-law a HBD. Unfortunately, the post proved to be a platform for users to comment their judgements.

In our opinion, William and Kate’s Instagram was quite sweet. The photo showed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walking side-by-side with Markle, Prince Harry and Prince Charles. “Wishing a very happy birthday to the Duchess of Sussex today,” the couple wrote in the caption, along with a red balloon emoji. As sweet as the birthday tribute was, the post still didn’t sit well with some royal fans.

Commenters came in droves to share their thoughts on the birthday post for the Duchess of Sussex, with many thinking it was wrong for William and Kate to not post an image of the Duchess of Sussex solo. “Wait…and why doesn’t she have a picture of her alone? It’s ‘HER’ birthday right,” wrote one commenter. “It was better to choose a picture of herself alone,” typed another. Some were even offended by the color of Meghan’s outfit that the Kensington account chose to share. One user typed, “All these royal photographers couldn’t find a pic of Meghan in the center?!?! In a brighter color???????????”

Then there were users who began to, once again, stoke rumors that the Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge were at odds with one another. One user commented, “Did you see any birthday wishes from Harry and Meghan for Kate’s Jan birthday? Just asking for a friend.” The comments then started taking sides on the image, advocating that the Cambridges were somehow better than the Sussex royals. “Cambridges are the real royals,” typed one user. “Go Cambridges! This is how you become the bigger person,” another commented.

Social media has been an embattled space — to say the least — for all the royals. What matters more than what image they choose to share is the time the royal family spends with one another. This isn’t the first time social media users have criticized the royal family, and it likely won’t be the last. But as they always have, the royal family will put on a stoic front, regardless of what commenters say.

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