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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Is Being Turned Into a TV Show, & We’re So Ready

Break out your old love fern, because the beloved 2003 rom-com How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is getting a TV show reboot. That’s right, y’all — the “frosting” that we all need to sweeten up our streaming habits is officially in the works. While the project is still in the early phases of development, it’s never too early to get excited about a bit of early ‘00s nostalgia coming back to life.

Mindy Project writer Guy Branum took to Twitter on Thursday to break the news. “We were all certain you could not make a good romantic comedy anymore because print media is dead and RomCom ladies have to work at magazines, but against the tides of history, Quibi & Paramount have agreed to let me rewriter ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,’” Branum revealed.

In the original movie, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey played the leads, and it sounds as though the remake will essentially follow the original storyline. Per Quibi’s official synopsis, the new series “follows a glib young online columnist and an oversexed advertising executive who both need to prove, once and for all, they’re capable of being monogamous. They soon discover, however, keeping a relationship is harder than Andie Anderson made it look!”

It seems unlikely that Hudson, McConaughey or any of the other original stars will reprise their roles. But, hilariously, Branum joked on Twitter, “I will be observing and consulting numerous photos of shirtless Matthew McConaughey to properly research this task.”

There’s no word yet on when the TV adaptation will air but, when it does, it will only be available via Quibi’s new mobile app. “What we say internally is that we’d like to be the quality of HBO and offer customers the convenience of Spotify,” tech executive and Quibi co-founder (with Hollywood veteran Jeffrey Katzenberg) Meg Whitman explained to the Los Angeles Times.

And although remakes are always a gamble, it sounds as though this one is in good hands. Responding to Branum’s Twitter announcement, writer-actor Jen Richards commented, “OMG THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I’ve seen that movie way too many times. Write the wacky best friend as a trans woman please!” To which Branum replied, “I’m on it.”

More diversity? Yes, please! That truly would be the “frosting” on the cake.

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