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Did Blake Lively & Penn Badgley’s Breakup Make Gossip Girl Filming Awkward?

With the Gossip Girl reboot well under way, everyone’s eager to relive those Upper East Side days — by which we of course mean interrogating former cast members about on-set drama. Nathaniel Archibald, formerly known as Chace Crawford, opened up about how Blake Lively and Penn Badgley’s split affected Gossip Girl filming, and the answer may surprise you. The original Gossip Girl ended in 2012 after running for six seasons, and Lively and Badgley broke up during Season 2. Their characters, however, continued on-and-off throughout the series. So: Was it awkward?

According to Crawford, not really! On Watch What Happens Live, Andy “Lives for Drama” Cohen tried his best to get salacious details out of our favorite heartthrob, but Crawford — except for a few hesitant glances — wasn’t biting. “Not at all. Not in the least. Most mature people in the world,” Crawford offered to Cohen. We know your PR team trained you well, but c’mon! Is that all we get?

As Cosmopolitan points out, Crawford’s initial reaction to Cohen’s question suggests there might be another, slightly more honest answer lurking. But of course, we don’t actually wish drama upon our fave former teen stars — it would just be really, really interesting if Crawford had some behind-the-scenes deets to share. Take a look at his face in the video below and decide for yourself: is Crawford holding out?

We’re still convinced Crawford saw a little more drama than he’s willing to admit, but executive producer Joshua Safran did say in Vanity Fair a few years back that Lively and Badgley had kept their breakup a secret from the crew. We guess it’s possible that extended to their castmates too, but we’d really love to get all of the original Gossip Girl cast back in front of Andy Cohen to make sure. Until that happens, we’ll just keep begging them to take part in the new HBO reboot. If they won’t give us their on-set gossip, it’s really the least they can do.


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