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Pink isn’t Here for Mom-Shamers Attacking Jessica Simpson, So She Dyed Her Own Daughter’s Hair

No matter what you do as a mom, it seems like there’s always someone ready to tell you what you’re doing wrong. That goes double for celebrities — but luckily, they have celebrity friends to step in and publicly support them. Pink defended Jessica Simpson from mom-shaming by dying her daughter’s hair blue, and posting a photo to Instagram with a defiant caption. This comes on the heels of Simpson being shamed for allowing 7-year-old daughter Maxi to dye her hair, and clearly, Pink sees nothing wrong with what Simpson did. It’s not the first time Pink has clapped back against what she calls the “parenting police” — but it’s doubly refreshing to see her stand up on a friend’s behalf.

Pink’s Instagram features 8-year-old daughter Willow Sage Hart first getting her hair dyed, then showing off her new blue tresses. The caption says this: “I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letting her seven year old get her hair colored. So we thought we’d share what we did yesterday.” Amazing. The pop star finishes things off with a few unique hashtags: “blue hair don’t care,” “get your own kids,” “parent police are actually just lonely sad people,” “I’ll dye your hair too losers,” and “oh look ma no comments.” As the last hashtag suggests, Pink (wisely) disabled comments on her post.

Pink has been vocal about her distaste for social media comments critiquing parenting choices, posting about it earlier this month as well. After trolls invaded the comment section of her post featuring her children running through the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Pink had this to say: “For all of the comments; these two children are in actuality Jewish, as am I and the entirety of my mothers family. The very person who constructed this believed in children being children, and to me this is a celebration of life after death. Please keep your hatred and judgment to yourselves.”

Let’s hope the haters have learned their lesson about coming for Pink — or any of her friends.

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