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Jessica Simpson is Being Attacked for ‘Ruining’ Daughter’s Hair with Dye & It’s So Ridiculous

Jessica Simpson is pretty open when it comes to sharing things, whether it’s an embarrassing moment or an exciting family announcement. Unfortunately, opening your private life to the public means opening it up to critics, too. Earlier today, Simpson was bashed for her daughter’s dyed hair in the comments on her Instagram post, with “concerned” outsiders claiming the dye job would have permanent consequences. The post debuted 7-year-old Maxwell Drew Johnson’s new look, along with sweet pics of their day at the salon. While the criticism no doubt stung, Simpson is sadly used to this type of shaming coming out of the woodwork whenever she posts about her family — and hopefully, she’s learned to just ignore it.

Simpson’s post showed “Maxi” sitting in a salon chair getting her hair washed before unveiling her dyed light pink tips. The change was inspired by Maxi’s love for the Disney Channel franchise The Descendants, about the children of various Disney villains. Simpson even captioned the photo “Inspired by the Descendants #901girl #MaxiDrew.” The Descendants own Instagram account responded with a series of heart emojis to show their love for the look. And we have to admit it: Maxi does look pretty fabulous with her colorful new locks.

Sadly, the trolls came out almost immediately. “Why start ruining her hair so young,” one comment read, while another stated: “Don’t like it at all !!! Much better before the color. The new color makes her look older than her age.” We can’t say we agree: purple hair or no, Maxi still looks like a young girl.  The negative comments all followed the same thread, questioning the “right” age to dye kids hair, as evidenced inquired outright in a third comment: “Isn’t she too young to have her hair dyed?”

On the bright side, there was plenty of support for Simpson to cancel out the negativity and judgment. “DON’T LISTEN TO ALL THE TROLLS!!! Your daughter’s hair looks fabulous and it is better for your hair when it is professionally done to protect the health. People have nothing better to do than criticize someone else’s parenting,” one follower championed. Another added: “Great job mom !! Allowing her to express herself and trying new things that aren’t permanent nor hurtful but allow her to embrace her style and set the tone for who she wants to be while not being scared to try new things and be herself – your winning mommy !!” Finally, some called out the haters directly, questioning their motives: “Do people really have to mum shame!” one comment asks. “What jess does with her children is her business. It looks great!!”

It’s not hard to guess what camp we’re on — as long as Maxi is happy and healthy, we’re so glad that Simpson is letting her try out this look. After all: wouldn’t you have killed for pink hair when you were 7?

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