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Anna Faris Talks ‘Parental Guilt’ Over the Movies She Lets Son Jack Watch — Including Her & Chris Pratt’s Own Work

While Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are no longer together, Faris is all about creating an equitable co-parenting situation — down to the movies that she has their shared son Jack watch. According to the Scary Movie star, Faris and Pratt’s son Jack watches his parents’ movies daily, and has his favorites for each. Truth be told, 6-year-old Jack watches pretty much anything he wants. But if you were thinking of shaming Faris about that, move along: She has no time for anyone trying to make her feel guilty about her parenting choices.

In an exclusive with Us Weekly, Faris is asked whether son Jack grasps that his parents are movie stars. Faris replies with a joke: “We make him watch our films on a daily basis […] He loves Observe and Report on my end [and] Scary Movie 1 through 4.” Faris may be joking now — but little Jack probably does get a huge kick out of seeing mom and dad on stage.

On a more serious note, Faris says Jack is at that dangerous age where he still has all his toddler cuteness, and knows how to use it against her. “I wish I could capture his voice because it’s still the sweetest, and he totally knows how to manipulate me,” she tells Us Weekly, before breaking into an impression. “He’s like, ‘Mommy, is it OK if I watch’ whatever movie? [And] I let him watch. I’m not even sure I can tell you what I let him watch. I’ll get, like, parental guilt that I don’t need anymore.”

Asked about parenting in general, Faris had more of her signature frankness — and humor — to share: “Being a parent is amazing and difficult and boring and fascinating,” she says earnestly. If that doesn’t sum up parenthood, we don’t know what does.

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