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Jed Wyatt’s Ex Says ‘Hardest Part’ of Bachelorette Scandal was Hannah Brown’s Heartbreak

It’s been a long and winding road to get to this point, but season 15 of The Bachelorette is over — and it even ended in a proposal. Now that the world knows ABC’s leading lady is no longer with her final suitor, Jed Wyatt’s ex is speaking out on Hannah Brown, and why that Bachelorette finale was so hard to watch. Haley Stevens, who was at the center of the controversy that ultimately led Brown to call off her engagement, is finally speaking freely about how she’s dealt with the fallout, and what she thinks about the details we learned in last night’s finale.

Now that the dust has settled, how does Stevens feel about the drama? “It’s been a roller coaster,” she told People exclusively, adding of Brown, “The hardest part is that there was this other woman involved who knew nothing about me. As hurt as I was, that was tough. I’m not the only person who had my heart ripped out.”

Stevens also told People she regrets being complicit in Wyatt’s original plan to go on the show to further his music career. “It’s heartbreaking for [Hannah]. And it makes me sad that this made her sad. I’ve had the opportunity to take ownership for what I did wrong. I should have had a higher standard for the things I wanted. And if I had known this would go so far, I would have said, this is unacceptable. This was supposed to be Hannah’s love story.”

To refresh your memory, Stevens spoke with People once before — in June, she detailed her relationship with Wyatt, telling the publication the two were dating (Vacations had been enjoyed! Parents had been met!) when he went on the dating show. Both musicians, Stevens and Wyatt began dating in late 2018 after meeting at a music venue. Things progressed quickly: “He told me how much he loved the way I fit in,” Stevens told People, pointing out that their relationship continued to progress even after he got The Bachelorette casting news.

After going on the show, Jed effectively ghosted her — and when Stevens went to the press in June, her interview gave Hannah the information she needed to break things off. How’s that for karma? Now that all is said and done, it even sounds like Stevens would be open to sitting down with Brown. “I don’t know if there is anyone in the country who can sympathize with her like I can. I know how it feels to be blindsided,” Stevens said, adding: “Let’s just say, we’ve all learned a lesson!”


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