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The Best Twitter Reactions to Hannah Brown & Jed Wyatt’s Epic Bachelorette Finale

Last night’s Bachelorette finale was a wild ride from start to finish — and no one, not even Reality Steve, predicted all the details we’d learn after the final rose. Naturally, Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt’s Bachelorette finale sparked quite the Twitter reaction. It’s clear that the fans’ hearts lie with Tyler Cameron, the runner-up Hannah broke up with last night — then asked out on a date several months later on live TV. Even before the extent of Jed’s lies were revealed, fans were heartbroken about Hannah’s choice. And after more details of his shady behavior came out? Well, to say Jed was roasted by Bachelor Nation would be putting it lightly.

The first phase of Twitter’s reaction to last night’s finale was disappointment that Hannah was choosing Jed over Tyler. It’s always sad when you see the first person come out of the limo, and know that their heartfelt proposal is about to be shot down. But it’s particularly devastating with Tyler, a man who has been a pillar of security and comfort in Hannah’s life since the beginning. “Hannah choosing DOG JINGLE BOY over the PERFECT MAN that is Tyler Cameron,” one tweet reads. Another posts a screenshot of Tyler’s proposal, transcribed, with the caption: “Here is Tyler C’s proposal to Hannah, fully transcribed. Let us cry.”

But after Hannah and Jed enjoyed their 30 seconds of engaged bliss, things swiftly went downhill — and fan disappointment with Hannah took a backseat to outrage and disbelief at Jed’s deceit. Even Bachelor alum Nick Viall got in on the action, tweeting: “Dear Jed, Everyone goes into each season skeptical, but the good ones go in single.”

Given that Jed’s lies all began with him deciding to go on The Bachelorette for his music career, other fans were in disbelief at how often he picked up a guitar and sang on air. Not only was it further shameless self-promotion — but many people just didn’t enjoy his music.


Finally, Hannah slipped the engagement ring off her finger — and with that, she was free. Bachelor Nation rejoiced!

And of course, our favorite Tyler came back to have a very special sit-down with Hannah — at the end of which she appears to realize her mistake, and asks him if he’d be open to going on a date some time. Twitter breathed a sigh of relief: watching this season end without Tyler finding love would have been just too devastating to bear.

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