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Jason Momoa Had the Best Response to Haters Who Body-Shamed His ‘Dad Bod’

Body-shamers have nothing on Aquaman. Jason Momoa responded to body-shamers who accused him of having a “dad bod” on a recent vacation in Italy with wife Lisa Bonet. The Aquaman star — who is known for his superhero physique in the DC Comics movies — was at the center of a body-shaming controversy in early July when photos of him on vacation in Venice showed him looking less muscular than the characters he plays on screen.

The photos — which were taken after Momoa, Bonet and their two kids, Lola, 11, and Nakoa-Wolf, 10, attended Zoë Kravitz’s wedding in France — led to a slew of body-shaming comments from critics who expected Momoa to keep his Aquaman physique year-round. “Omg, what happened to the abs?” one such comment read. However, Momoa’s fans were not having it and defended the Game of Thrones star’s weight, pointing out that he still looks pretty darn fit. “So apparently people are shaming Jason Momoa’s Dad bod… you know the body where he looks like an above average fit man instead of a Spartan Warrior?” one fan tweeted. Another added, “If you’re honestly trying to imply Jason Momoa has a Dad bod, then it’s clear you don’t know what a Dad bod is.”


Since the controversy, Momoa has stayed pretty quiet — until this week when TMZ asked him for his thoughts on the body-shaming and “dad bod” accusations. TMZ’s reporter first asked Momoa about how his Guinness cake was at his surprise 40th birthday party over the weekend with celebrity friends like Emilia Clarke. “Amazing. Anything Guinness is good,” he said. When the TMZ reporter added that the cake likely wouldn’t help the dad-bod rumors, Momoa shot back: “Well, that’s alright” while patting his stomach.

TMZ then pressed the Aquaman star on if he was “offended” about the body-shaming at all, to which he responded, “No. Not at all.” The DC Comics actor then got into his car, but before he did, he left TMZ with a message for his haters: “Tell TMZ I’ll show ‘em my dad bod soon.”

You tell ’em, Momoa. Needless to say, this “dad bod” controversy is ridiculous. For one, there is no such thing as a dad bod. A dad bod is simply a dad with a body. Second, no one — not even superheroes — should be expected to have a certain physique year-round. As seen from the workouts of actors like Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavill, on-screen superheroes have to go through intense training before a movie to match the strength and physique of their characters. When the cameras stop rolling, they shouldn’t be expected to keep that shape up forever.

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