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Fans Think Piers Morgan Is ‘Obsessed’ with Meghan Markle After She ‘Ghosted’ Him for Prince Harry

Infamous British journalist Piers Morgan has plenty to say about Meghan Markle: lately, all of it bad. But Twitter thinks his criticism may not be coming from the most authentic place, citing the fact that Meghan and Morgan went on a date a few years ago — and she never called him back. If you look back at Morgan’s coverage of the Duchess, it’s true that there’s a distinct change in tone around 2017. And in a 2018 interview, Morgan described the encounter in question — specifically complaining that he didn’t hear from her again. So: Is this really why Morgan has been going after Meghan in the press? Or is Twitter way off base?

Morgan’s latest Daily Mail column takes on Meghan’s guest-edited issue of British Vogue, for which he finds her “shamelessly hypocritical.” He also accused her of “promoting Brand Meghan” to the detriment of her country. In response, Twitter has unearthed Morgan’s personal history with the Duchess (more on that later) and accused him in turn of having an “obsession” with the former actress. Others brought up evidence that — as recently as 2017 — Morgan called Meghan “amazing” and jokingly told Harry that he “[destroyed] [his] beautiful friendship” with her.

Even Australia’s Today Show got in on the fun, chatting about his behavior and posting a key quote to social media. “Piers Morgan’s never gotten over the fact that Meghan Markle stopped returning his texts… He’s now obsessed with her. It used to be weirdly amusing, now it’s just weird,” their Twitter account wrote, along with a clip in which they discuss it.

Here’s the full story of Morgan and Meghan’s outing, as told by Morgan himself on Access Hollywood in May 2018. He said he followed her (and many other Suits actors) on Twitter in 2017, and she reached out. They developed a good relationship, exchanging emails and discussing her work. On a planned visit to London, she asked to meet up, and they shared a few drinks at his local pub. “She turned up looking a million dollars,” Piers told Access Hollywood. “We talked about life and the universe and Donald Trump and — you know, everything really.” Apparently, they wrapped up the evening on good terms, with Meghan saying “let’s meet up again” and thanking Morgan for his time.

Morgan continued: “Last I ever heard from her.” That’s when Access Hollywood host Kit Hoover cu in: “She ghosted you. Dropped you like a bad habit.” Morgan agreed: “The most brutal ghosting of all time.” Well — clearly he hasn’t heard many ghosting stories, but anyway. “And now of course we’ve seen dozens of other people say they too got ghosted. We all got frozen out. She had reached a loftier place and there was no room for people like us.”

Clearly, Morgan took the radio silence hard and decided it meant the Duchess felt she was too good for him — when in reality, it could be that they were simply never that close (or that she never interpreted it as a date in the first place.) Keeping in mind the timeline here, Meghan got serious with Harry very shortly thereafter, and her life did dramatically change. Given that she’d met Morgan exactly once in her life after a couple DMs, is it so crazy that there wasn’t a second meeting?

Morgan rounded out the interview with this warning: “I would be a little concerned if I was the royal family, that here you have someone that appears to be — on the face of it — a lovely person, but is prepared to cut people like that.” And just to show you how drastically things have changed: When Morgan suggested that Harry’s dislike of media could have pushed Meghan to stay away, Hoover interjected that Morgan has always defended Meghan, and even that morning he’d been praising her on the air. Morgan replied: “I’ve only ever been nice about Meghan.” What a difference a year makes

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