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Chrissy Teigen Trolled a Leonardo DiCaprio Look-Alike for Looking ‘Nothing Like Him’

There are celebrity look-alike and there’s… this guy. Chrissy Teigen trolled a Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike for looking “nothing like” the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star, and she isn’t wrong. Edgar DiCaprio (not his real name) is a 28-year-old man from London who was highlighted this week in the Daily Mail’s feature: “What It’s REALLY like to be a celebrity lookalike.”

The article included doppelgängers for celebrities like Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran and Kate Moss. Some were more close than others, but, according to Teigen, the most puzzling look-alike by far was DiCaprio’s. In the article, Edgar talked about how he accidentally started looking like DiCaprio by combing his hair in a similar way to the Titanic star in 2015. “I always liked to experiment with different hairstyles and try new different things with my hair. In 2015 I decided to try a new comb-over hairstyle, so many people had it that I didn’t even think about trying to look like Leonardo DiCaprio,” he said.

The first time he was mistaken was when he was on vacation in Spain. “I was first mistaken for Leonardo DiCaprio was when I went on holiday to Spain with my girlfriend and she pointed out that a lot of people were pointing fingers and taking photos,” he said. “I couldn’t really understand why and became a little self conscious, maybe I had something on my face or was wearing something not normal to the Spanish nationals?”

Edgar continued, “I then saw how a large family were persuading their child to come up to me — the small boy was a little reluctant and shy, he later on agreed and when he approached me he said ‘Mr. DiCaprio, my mum loves you, can she take a photo with you?’ My girlfriend started laughing and said: ‘They think you are Leonardo DiCaprio!’ I was in total shock as this has never struck me.”

After Edgar waved for the family to come up to him, he and his girlfriend were soon swarmed by around 30 people who had all mistaken him for DiCaprio. Edgar also revealed his favorite DiCaprio movie aesthetic: 2013’s The Great Gatsby. “However, once I changed my image and the theme of Great Gatsby became very popular it was almost an everyday thing where people would approach me just to say that I look like Leonardo DiCaprio,” he said. “I have to admit that I do like attention so this became a pleasant experience.”

Edgar even appeared on an Egyptian prank show, where Egyptian celebrities were pranked to think that he looked like DiCaprio. The look-alike also claimed that he’s often booked for Great Gatsby parties — at least two month — for events like weddings, work parties and birthdays. “I absolutely love being his lookalike. It has never reflected negatively on me,” he said.

But while Edgar can fool those paying for his appearances, he hasn’t fooled the internet — namely Teigen who took to Twitter to joke about how he looks “nothing like” the Oscar winner. “absolutely obsessed with this guy who allegedly gets paid to be a Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator,” Teigen tweeted. After her followers were confused as to how Edgar could possibly be DiCaprio’s look-alike, the model added a second tweet, agreeing with the naysayers: “why are you telling me it looks nothing like him? what I am saying,” she wrote.

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