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Michelle Obama’s Parenting Advice for Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Will Warm Your Heart

Now that Meghan Markle guest-editing the September issue of British Vogue is old news, it’s time to focus on what exactly that issue contains. Thrillingly, there’s a one-on-one interview between Meghan and Michelle Obama — and in it, you find Obama’s parenting advice for Meghan and Prince Harry. At the time Meghan conducted the interview, she was pregnant and awaiting Archie’s birth. The former First Lady had plenty to say on those magical early days with a newborn, and what she hopes Meghan and Harry will take from it all.

Meghan asked Obama many questions about being a parent: what motherhood has taught her, what advice she gives her daughters, what advice she would give sons. But Obama’s perhaps most poignant quote about motherhood comes from an unrelated question: “What is the most beautiful sound that you’ve ever heard?” Obama answered like this: “When Malia and Sasha were newborns, Barack and I could lose hours just watching them sleep. We loved to listen to the little sounds they’d make – especially the way they cooed when they were deep into dreaming.”

Obama has no intention of pretending that parenting is all idyllic moments: “Don’t get me wrong, early parenthood is exhausting,” she quickly added. “But there is something so magical about having a baby in the house. Time expands and contracts; each moment holds its own little eternity. I’m so excited for you and Harry to experience that, Meghan. Savor it all.”

Meghan also took the opportunity to discuss the Girls Opportunity Alliance, an Obama Foundation program that aims to empower and educate adolescent girls around the world. “Today, nearly 98 million adolescent girls around the world are not in school. That’s a tragedy – for the girls, of course, but also for all of us,” Obama said of her motivation in founding the program. “I believe that every little girl, no matter her circumstances, deserves the opportunity to learn, grow and act on her knowledge.”

Given that the theme of Meghan’s Vogue issue is “forces for change,” we can’t imagine a better interview subject to cap things off. We’re loving the friendship between these powerful women, and we hope Meghan is enjoying those “little eternities” as we speak.

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