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Jessica Alba’s Twitter Was Hacked, Sends Racist & Homophobic Tweets

Jessica Alba really is like all of us. She goes to therapy, she loves her children, and she’s also susceptible to Twitter hacks. Last night, it appeared Jessica Alba’s Twitter was hacked, and the hacker tweeted racist and homophobic messages across her timeline. The messages started popping up on Sunday, July 29, and included obscenities such as “Nazi Germany Did Nothing Wrong And That’s On God N–a” and “ugh police sirens in the distance again. When will n—s stop committing crimes so I can get some f—ing sleep.” At one point, the unknown tweeter offered,$50,000 for someone to kill homosexuals with disabilities.

The tweets eventually shifted tone and started focusing on rapper YNW Melly, who is currentlyincarcerated for first-degree murder. “Free My N— YNW Melly That N—Way Too Talented For Jail,” one of the posts read. The tweets were eventually discovered by someone on Alba’s team and scrubbed. Currently, her last tweet is from July 20th, an Instagram post showing the actress on a night out with friends.


The Fantastic Four actress has received a wave of support after the hack, with many questioning why someone would want to attack Alba at all. “When you had the chance to hack [Donald] Trump you go and pick Jessica Alba out of all people,” read one tweet in support. Another commenter wrote, “You have the power to hack anyone and you chose jessica alba this is all so random i cant breathe.” Some even tried to make a joke out of the situation: “Jessica Alba did not carry the entire Fantastic Four franchise on her back to get hacked in her sleep while she was just trying to sell us multi-vitamins.”

It’s certainly head-scratching that Alba would be targeted. (Maybe because the hacker assumed no one would notice right away?) Either way, Alba’s Twitter is back to normal, so if you’ve been missing your news from the Honest Company founder it’s waiting for you online.

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