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A Royal Blog Is Calling Out This Detail from Prince George’s Birthday Photos

In today’s royal news,  Gert’s Royals, a royal blog, had an issue with Prince George’s English football jersey from the 6-year-old’s recent birthday photos. The jersey was featured in the photos mom Kate Middleton posted celebrating George’s birthday this week, which — we cannot stress this enough — should never have been the cause for anything other than “aww”ing at the excessive cuteness. But according to Gert’s Royals, the jersey was”England centric” and an example of how the Cambridge family often neglects rest of the United Kingdom when it comes to photos and visits.

Gert’s Royals posted the following on their Twitter account: “Today’s birthday photos were definitely England centric w/ Prince George wearing a England shirt. But in fact all of the UK photos/appearances of Cambridge kids have been in England. We have yet to have an official photo/appearance in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.” It’s unclear whether it’s standard practice for royals to shuttle their children around the UK and photograph them. (Cosmopolitan notes that George’s dad, Prince William, is the president of the Football Association, which may have been the reason for his son’s jersey.)

Of course, it’s understandable why Gert’s Royals would feel the royal family has been too focused on England in their political and charitable pursuits. The monarchy represents more than England, and we’re sure once William and Kate’s children become older and have more life experience under their belt, countries like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive the same royal treatment as England.

Still many royal fans aren’t happy with Gert’s Royals tweet, assuming that the blog was criticizing Prince George and his shirt choice. “It’s one of the George’s favorite shirts. Lighten up! Much ado about nothing,” one commenter responded. Another fan commented, “The boy is 6! Leave him the hell alone. He can wear his favorite team shirt and it doesn’t need to be a freakin’ international incident.” One more royal fan responded, “GOOD GRIEF!! He’s A CHILD!! He can’t, perhaps, like a team or wear their jersey? Stop the insanity!!!”

In response to the backlash, Gert’s Royals explained themselves further. The blog elaborated that it didn’t have an issue with George himself, but with how the royal family is rarely photographed anywhere in the UK but England. “Don’t know why you’re yelling. I was in no way “trying to make it an international incident.” Just comment that out of 50+ photos/appear of the Cambridge kids over 6 years they have all been in England,” the blog tweeted.

From what we know about what it’s like to travel with kids, we’re guessing Will and Kate aren’t exactly in a rush to herd their brood on an airplane anytime soon.

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