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Keanu Reeves Surprises a Fan After Noticing a ‘Breathtaking’ Sign in Their Yard, & We’re in Love

Internet boyfriend Keanu Reeves is up to it again — and by it, we clearly mean being so sweet and downright adorable that it’s impossible not to swoon. His latest crush-worthy behavior? While on the way to the Bill and Ted Face the Music set, Reeves surprised a fan by leaving a note on their yard sign. And that’s not all the thoughtful actor gave the unsuspecting Louisiana fan.

On Thursday, Bill and Ted Face the Music writer Ed Solomon took to Twitter to reveal an excellent adventure he recently shared with Reeves. The two were apparently on their way to set when they happened upon a yard sign that read “You’re breathtaking.” The sign served as a subtle shout-out to Reeves, who had the exact same thing shouted at him by a crowd member (YouTuber Peter Sark) during an E3 video game conference in June. Reeves’ very Reeves-y response, of course, was to tell the crowd, “You’re breathtaking. You’re all breathtaking.”

Fast forward to Solomon and Reeves’ carpool to set. “So yesterday this sign was out on a lawn on the way to set. Keanu jumped out of the car and did this,” Solomon captioned his post, alluding to Reeves autographing the sign and leaving a sweet and oh-so-apropos note: “You’re breathtaking!”

Thanks to the power of social media, the internet also got to hear the real happy ending of this hero’s tale when the family who made the sign shared photos of Reeves’ posing with them. “Wow! Yesterday was a dream come true! We knew @KeanuReevess_ was filming up the street so my son said we need to make a sign that says ‘you’re breathtaking’ so we did!” the homeowner wrote, continuing, “A few cars stopped but then a car stopped and there he was!! He actually stopped! Oh my heavens!”

By now, Reeves’ “Keanussance” is in full swing, thanks largely to little gestures like this. The 54-year-old actor’s kindness has taken on a sort of folkloric quality, with fans and even fellow cast members sharing stories of the nicest things Reeves has done. From buying ice cream for the sole purpose of signing a receipt for the cashier to giving stranded plane passengers an impromptu tour of Bakersfield, California, this guy obviously has a heart of gold.

Or, in honor of his latest act of kindness, we’ll just say Reeves really is the breathtaking one and leave it at that.

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